When is the best time to drive reviews for my brand?

The best time to drive reviews for your brand is when your brand is JUST launching. Amazon doesn’t have an understanding of what is the average no.of reviews a product like this is likely to get in a week (so blocking of review writing is less likely to happen). Also, around launch amazon presumes the […]

How many reviews can you drive for my brand?

We drive over 3000 to 5000 reviews for various brands. The limit is as high as you would like to go. However, the number of reviews for your brand should be decided by good momentum and the number of reviews you already have.

Can you guarantee that my rating will go up?

We cannot guarantee that a brand’s rating will go up. We can only try our best to make sure the reviews you get are a healthy mix of 5 and 4-star reviews. Over a period of time, your rating should go up, but we cannot guarantee that as we don’t know how your organic reviews […]

How does WOOP drive Reviews?

We have a community of women consumers on WOOP. Currently, over 4 lac of them engage with brands on our proprietary gamified platform. These women learn about the brands, try them and advocate them. One of the sub-verticals of this Advocacy is Reviews. Given the complexities around Reviews these days, we have detached this vertical […]