You can change your mobile number from your profile page. You will be required to verify your new phone number to successfully change your phone number.

Your account password is linked to your Facebook account password. Any changes on Facebook password will be automatically updated on WOOP.

You can reset your password if you created your account with email id.
  • Click "Forgot password?" on the login form.
  • Fill in your registered email address and the captcha code and you’ll receive an email with instructions to reset your password.
Note: If you created your account using Facebook, you cannot reset your password.

The personal information you give is used as follows:
  • Your areas of interests allow us to chose the right Campaigns for you.
  • Your mobile number verification allows us to prevent duplicate accounts on WOOP.
  • Your mailing address is needed to send physical rewards.
Rest assured, your profile information is not shared with any third parties. For more information on this, please refer to our privacy policy HERE.

WOOP will be directing all funds towards the cause of the girl child education via its NGO partner Nanhi Kali. At this point in time, WOOP will not be supporting any additional cause or NGO. Please feel free to contribute to them directly if you wish to.

You are welcome to make an additional cash contribution directly to the NGO.

As you are not donating any cash no tax exemption is due.

All Woopers will be informed via email as well as notification in their account of the amount, date and mode of donation made to Nanhi Kali.

WOOP makes a donation towards Nanhi Kali collectively at the end of every 3 months.

You can see the number of School days created by you, on the Home page after Log in. By clicking on the “heart” icon you can also see the School days created by the entire WOOP community and also the friends you have invited.

The more School days we can educate together the better it will be. However we have set a minimum target of 200,000 School days per year. That means we will make a donation of at least Rs. 16 lacs every year.

No you do not need to contribute any money. Just earn points by doing missions on brands you like and WOOP will automatically turn your points to donation for charity at the rate of 500 points = Rs.8 Doing good was never easier.

No, you don't have to give up your points and rewards to help others. Your points are automatically turned into money for charity. This is the beauty of WOOP platform.

Our NGO partner Nanhi Kali needs Rs.3000 to sponsor a girl child between 1 to 5th grade for 1 full year i.e 365 days. That makes the contribution Rs.8 for one day of school.

WOOP gets paid by brands based on the missions and points earned by you. From this money, we allocate Rs.8 for donation to Nanhi Kali for every 500 points earned by you, which is enough to fund the education of 1 girl for 1 day. The higher your WOOP points, the more the school days you can sponsor. It is as simple as that.

We wanted to choose an NGO partner that specialises in educating the girl child, is well-known for its accountability and credibility and helps make the contribution as tangible as possible. Nanhi Kali is a well established NGO in the Girl Child education field since 1996 and has educated over 100,000 Girls. You can check out some of their success stories HERE

An African proverb says, “If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” By sending a girl to school, she is far more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. As many claim, investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation. However Government of India statistics reveal that only 3 out of 10 girls who enter class 1 complete class 10. At primary school level, over 45% of girls dropout of school. Research has shown that reasons for this dropout may be as minor as the girl child not being able to afford a school dress/uniform to go to school . Thus by supporting needy Girl Childs at primary school level we can make a real difference and contribute to a happier and prosperous India. Women of Opinion like you have had the fortune of the right educational opportunities in life. It only seems fit to support a cause that will help create more such Women of Opinion in the future.

All the rewards that you have won or redeemed can be seen by clicking the “Rewards Won” tab on your Woop Home page.

Physical rewards will be couriered to you and virtual rewards like e-coupons will be sent to you via email.

You can see the rewards available on the “Rewards” page of every Campaign. The quantity of rewards, number of points required and other criteria required for redeeming or winning the reward is clearly mentioned against each reward.

Broadly speaking there are 2 kinds of rewards on Woop. Redeem Rewards: These rewards can be redeemed by you if you have enough points and the rewards are still available i.e not already redeemed by other users. On redeeming such a reward you will get a notification as well as an email with details of the reward. Winner Rewards: These rewards can not be redeemed and are given out to the winners at the end of the campaign, based on certain criteria mentioned within the rewards description.

Your Points are used for 3 things:
  • Redeeming Rewards like coupons, gifts instantly
  • Qualifying you for top rewards which are given out at the end of a campaign
  • Support education of little girls. 500 WOOP points support 1 Girl’s education for 1 day, via our partner Nanhi Kali.

You can track your points history via the ‘Points’ tab on the Campaign’s home page. If you’re a part of 2 campaigns & want to know your points for campaign A, you’ll have to click on Campaign A and then click on the ‘Points’ tab in it. You can repeat the process for Campaign B.

You can invite your friend to the campaign you’re a part of but you will not get any points for it, as she is already a WOOP member.

You can also earn points by inviting friends to join a Campaign that you are part of. When a friend joins using your invite link and completes at least 2 missions you get additional points for every friend.

We reward WOOPers for sharing their honest opinions regardless if it’s good or bad. So whether you love the product you tried through WOOP, or think it can be improved further, as long as you’re sharing your honest opinion you will get points.

On completing a mission you will see a message confirming that your response has been received. For some missions, you will be awarded your points immediately. For other missions, your response will need to be verified before you get the points. You will receive a notification when your response is approved.

If the brand decides to extend a campaign and add new journeys (and thus new missions and rewards) for selected users, then we will inform you via email. So watch out in your inbox for emails from Rashi.

It takes a maximum of 3-4 working days for a mission to be verified.

Most missions can only be done once. However, if a mission can be done more than once it will clearly mentioned in the mission.

There is no pressure to do all missions. However the more missions you do, the more things you will learn about the product and also earn more points and rewards.

Missions are simple and fun activities that enable you to earn points. They can be surveys, quizzes, product reviews, Facebook sharing, photo upload, video testimonials, store visit, inviting a friend and more.

A Journey exists within a Campaign and contains Missions related to that particular Campaign. You can see all the journeys available on a Campaign’s Home page.

If there is a certain brand you would love to connect with, please write to us. We will get in touch with the brand and let their marketing team know that consumers like yourselves are looking to share their opinions and engage with their brand.

If your profile matches with the brand’s target audience we will invite you to new Campaigns via email. So watch out in your inbox for emails from Rashi.

New Campaigns are available when brands and companies decide to work with the WooP community. At times there might not be any campaigns and at times there might be multiple campaigns available.

A Campaign contains Journeys related to a particular brand. You can see all the campaigns available to you after the log in on your WOOP home page or on 'Campaigns' page.

Any woman citizen of India with age > 18 years with a verified Indian mobile phone number can sign up on WOOP.

Brands are always looking for insights, ideas, reviews and feedback to improve their products and services. They also want genuine people like you to talk to their friends about them. WOOP makes it easy and efficient for brands to make this connection.

WOOP is perfect for those that love to try new products, services and hacks, getting insider info and offers and enjoy sharing their opinions with friends.

By doing missions on WOOP not only can you have fun, learn some useful info but also win rewards for yourself and help educate little girls thus creating tomorrow’s Women of Opinion.

It is a simple 4 step process
  • GET INVITED: You get invited to try and learn about new products and services, based on your profile and interests.
  • DO FUN INTERACTIONS: You share your honest opinion with us and also friends via byte sized interactions called “missions”. You get points for doing missions.
  • GET REWARDED: You redeem your points for rewards.
  • CHANGE LIVES, BE FULFILLED: Your WOOP points are also converted into money and donated to Nanhi Kali, an NGO dedicated to Girl Child education. This means just by spending some time doing missions on your phone, you can help educate young girls.

WOOP stands for ‘WOmen of OPinion’. That is, women who have an opinion and like to share it with brands, companies, friends, and colleagues.

WOOP connects Women of Opinion like you with Brands. We make this connection more fun, more rewarding and more fulfilling for you compared to going to a Brand’s website or their facebook page.