Journeys & Missions

A Journey exists within a Campaign and contains Missions related to that particular Campaign. You can see all the journeys available on a Campaign’s Home page.

Missions are simple and fun activities that enable you to earn points. They can be surveys, quizzes, product reviews, Facebook sharing, photo upload, video testimonials, store visit, inviting a friend and more.

There is no pressure to do all missions. However the more missions you do, the more things you will learn about the product and also earn more points and rewards.

Most missions can only be done once. However, if a mission can be done more than once it will clearly mentioned in the mission.

It takes a maximum of 3-4 working days for a mission to be verified.

If the brand decides to extend a campaign and add new journeys (and thus new missions and rewards) for selected users, then we will inform you via email. So watch out in your inbox for emails from Rashi.

As you are not donating any cash no tax exemption is due.

You are welcome to make an additional cash contribution directly to the NGO.