Points & Rewards

On completing a mission you will see a message confirming that your response has been received. For some missions, you will be awarded your points immediately. For other missions, your response will need to be verified before you get the points. You will receive a notification when your response is approved.

We reward WOOPers for sharing their honest opinions regardless if it’s good or bad. So whether you love the product you tried through WOOP, or think it can be improved further, as long as you’re sharing your honest opinion you will get points.

You can also earn points by inviting friends to join a Campaign that you are part of. When a friend joins using your invite link and completes at least 2 missions you get additional points for every friend.

You can invite your friend to the campaign you’re a part of but you will not get any points for it, as she is already a WOOP member.

You can track your points history via the ‘Points’ tab on the Campaign’s home page. If you’re a part of 2 campaigns & want to know your points for campaign A, you’ll have to click on Campaign A and then click on the ‘Points’ tab in it. You can repeat the process for Campaign B.

Your Points are used for 3 things:
  • Redeeming Rewards like coupons, gifts instantly
  • Qualifying you for top rewards which are given out at the end of a campaign
  • Support education of little girls. 50 WOOP points support 1 Girl’s education for 1 school hour, via our partner Nanhi Kali.

Broadly speaking there are 2 kinds of rewards on Woop. Redeem Rewards: These rewards can be redeemed by you if you have enough points and the rewards are still available i.e not already redeemed by other users. On redeeming such a reward you will get a notification as well as an email with details of the reward. Winner Rewards: These rewards can not be redeemed and are given out to the winners at the end of the campaign, based on certain criteria mentioned within the rewards description.

You can see the rewards available on the “Rewards” page of every Campaign. The quantity of rewards, number of points required and other criteria required for redeeming or winning the reward is clearly mentioned against each reward.

Physical rewards will be couriered to you and virtual rewards like e-coupons will be sent to you via email.

All the rewards that you have won or redeemed can be seen by clicking the “Rewards Won” tab on your Woop Home page.