Girl Child Education

An African proverb says, “If we educate a boy, we educate one person. If we educate a girl, we educate a family – and a whole nation.” By sending a girl to school, she is far more likely to ensure that her children also receive an education. As many claim, investing in a girl’s education is investing in a nation. However Government of India statistics reveal that only 3 out of 10 girls who enter class 1 complete class 10. At primary school level, over 45% of girls dropout of school. Research has shown that reasons for this dropout may be as minor as the girl child not being able to afford a school dress/uniform to go to school . Thus by supporting needy Girl Childs at primary school level we can make a real difference and contribute to a happier and prosperous India. Women of Opinion like you have had the fortune of the right educational opportunities in life. It only seems fit to support a cause that will help create more such Women of Opinion in the future.

We wanted to choose an NGO partner that specialises in educating the girl child, is well-known for its accountability and credibility and helps make the contribution as tangible as possible. Nanhi Kali is a well established NGO in the Girl Child education field since 1996 and has educated over 100,000 Girls. You can check out some of their success stories HERE

WOOP gets paid by brands based on the missions and points earned by you. From this money, we allocate Rs.8 for donation to Nanhi Kali for every 500 points earned by you, which is enough to fund the education of 1 girl for 1 day. The higher your WOOP points, the more the school days you can sponsor. It is as simple as that.

Our NGO partner Nanhi Kali needs Rs.3000 to sponsor a girl child between 1 to 5th grade for 1 full year i.e 365 days. That makes the contribution Rs.8 for one day of school.

No, you don't have to give up your points and rewards to help others. Your points are automatically turned into money for charity. This is the beauty of WOOP platform.

No you do not need to contribute any money. Just earn points by doing missions on brands you like and WOOP will automatically turn your points to donation for charity at the rate of 500 points = Rs.8 Doing good was never easier.

The more School days we can educate together the better it will be. However we have set a minimum target of 200,000 School days per year. That means we will make a donation of at least Rs. 16 lacs every year.

You can see the number of School days created by you, on the Home page after Log in. By clicking on the “heart” icon you can also see the School days created by the entire WOOP community and also the friends you have invited.

WOOP makes a donation towards Nanhi Kali collectively at the end of every 3 months.

All Woopers will be informed via email as well as notification in their account of the amount, date and mode of donation made to Nanhi Kali.

WOOP will be directing all funds towards the cause of the girl child education via its NGO partner Nanhi Kali. At this point in time, WOOP will not be supporting any additional cause or NGO. Please feel free to contribute to them directly if you wish to.