About WOOP

WOOP connects Women of Opinion like you with Brands. We make this connection more fun, more rewarding and more fulfilling for you compared to going to a Brand’s website or their facebook page.

WOOP stands for ‘WOmen of OPinion’. That is, women who have an opinion and like to share it with brands, companies, friends, and colleagues.

It is a simple 4 step process
  • GET INVITED: You get invited to try and learn about new products and services, based on your profile and interests.
  • DO FUN INTERACTIONS: You share your honest opinion with us and also friends via byte sized interactions called “missions”. You get points for doing missions.
  • GET REWARDED: You redeem your points for rewards.
  • CHANGE LIVES, BE FULFILLED: Your WOOP points are also converted into money and donated to Nanhi Kali, an NGO dedicated to Girl Child education. This means just by spending some time doing missions on your phone, you can help educate young girls.

By doing missions on WOOP not only can you have fun, learn some useful info but also win rewards for yourself and help educate little girls thus creating tomorrow’s Women of Opinion.

WOOP is perfect for those that love to try new products, services and hacks, getting insider info and offers and enjoy sharing their opinions with friends.

Brands are always looking for insights, ideas, reviews and feedback to improve their products and services. They also want genuine people like you to talk to their friends about them. WOOP makes it easy and efficient for brands to make this connection.

Any woman citizen of India with age > 18 years with a verified Indian mobile phone number can sign up on WOOP.