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WOOP believes in ensuring that consumers genuinely understand a product and their offering to turn them into brand advocates. For this WOOP leverages its gamified platform to create byte-sized content that consumers will go through (like a video or an infographic) and then will answer a quiz to ensure they have deeply understood the brand.

In a recent campaign done for a global brand, WOOP hit a 95% accuracy in lead details. This is because we get users to sign-up for our platform via their Facebook email IDs and mobile numbers, thus reducing the margin of error infinitely. 

WOOP is Women of Opinion. While our strength lies in marketing to women by driving genuine word of mouth and advocacy, our focus and strength currently lie at driving pregnant and new-mother leads for brands at scale at an extremely cost-effective pricing strategy.

WOOP can help generate leads, drive deeper engagement and higher reach for brands via personal social media timelines, generate advocacy and drive reviews for brands at scale across various platforms; making all these tasks aka missions fun and easy to do.

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