A nanhi kali hailing from Tadoor, Mahabubnagar; T. Jyoti has an inspiring story that highlights her passion for learning. Coming from a family with meagre income, Jyoti started learning without a formal school enrollment by attending classes along with her brother. Her fire for learning was realised by the headmaster of the school where her brother studied. Understanding her financial situation, the headmaster approached the NanhiKali community; who helped realise the child’s dream and entitled her to her right to be educated.

Jyoti, made everyone involved in her journey to learn proud, by standing first in a competition called ‘Meelo Evaru Prathibhavanthulu’ organized by The Vandemataram Foundation. Standing first, amongst 100 participants from Government and private schools; Jyoti won a cash prize of Rs.5000/- and an opportunity to take an aerial view of Hyderabad city in a flight with her parents. Jyoti dreams of becoming a doctor one day only to provide free treatment for those who can’t afford it.