A Nirmala hails from a poor family living in Thally district, where her father is a coolie with meagre income. Nirmala studies in the 5th standard in PUMS also known as Dinnur school. Apart from low income, Nirmala also has a disadvantage of being physically challenged since birth. With all the physical and financial strains, Nirmala lacked focus and the ability to study in spite of her willingness and zeal. Nirmala has been roped in as a Nanhi Kali student and was provided all the additional support the child needed through the academic support centres. Her tutor Mrs. Vasantha, mentored her giving her constant care and attention that has not only given her a direction, but also motivated Nirmala to be more disciplined with her school attendance.

Nirmala’s mother today is very proud seeing her daughter’s progress and has considered Nanhi Kali intervention to be a boon in her life.