T. Nagalakshmi is a 3rd standard girl who comes from low income household. Apart from economic challenges, Nagalakshmi is also physically challenged, as both her right hand and leg have certain birth defects. With all of these pressures, the little girl was low on confidence and self esteem, that eventually affected her willingness to learn and her attention levels in class. She was taken in by the Nanhi Kali programme and provided all the additional support she needed through the academic support centre. Under the mentorship of the Nanhi Kali tutor Mrs. Deepa, Nagalakshmi found the right encouragement and support that the little girl yearned for.

With Nanhi Kali’s support and dedicated efforts, Nagalakshmi transformed in a very short span of time from a shy and unfocussed girl, into a disciplined and a motivated student. Apart from her willingness to learn, there is also a remarkable difference in her social behaviour as well as reading and writing skills.